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What are the system requirements for acslXtreme?

To install and run acslX on Windows, the computer system must meet the following minimum requirements:
– Intel Pentium class
Operating System
– Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista
Software Dependencies
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
– Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 is required
– Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
Command line versions of acslX for Linux are also available, please contact our support group for more information.

Support Group!

How do I determine my HostID?

From a command prompt, issue the DOS command

C:> ipconfig /all

The “HostId” will be listed as the Physical Address of the computer. It is a 12 digit Hexadecimal number.

How do I optimize simulation performance?

In many cases, anti-virus software can adversely affect acslX simulation performance. Some AV software is set up to scan files whenever they are accessed. Since the RRR files used by acslX may be written to or read from many times per second, this can cause significant performance problems. To avoid this, make sure acslX workspace/project directories are excluded from “on-access” AV scanning. The way in which this is done is specific to the kind of AV software in use, so consult the AV software documantation for details. Looking at the Windows Task Manager to determine what process is using most of the CPU is a good diagnostic tool as well.

Otherwise, the most important approaches for increasing acslX simulation performance all involve simulation settings:

  • Use the largest CINTERVAL that will produce outputs at the desired time points; use the data() command if necessary to specify specific times at which output should be generated
  • Use the smallest value of NSTEPS that will achieve the desired accuracy
  • Make sure that the stop time is set appropriately (i.e., not too large)
  • Don’t use IALG = 2 unless necessary
  • User the largest MERROR and XERROR possible (consistent with desired accuracy)
  • Only OUTPUT and PREPARE variables when necessary